Deirdre Aretini, a graduate of Stetson University College of Law, is dedicated to helping employers and insurance companies deal with workers’ compensation claims using a practical, cost-effective approach. She enjoys helping professionals navigate non-compete clauses, confidentiality and trade secret agreements, and employment agreements. Additionally, Deirdre advises individuals and businesses in contract disputes, business torts, construction licensing complaints, and landlord-tenant matters.

After graduating from New York University with a lucrative bachelor’s degree in Art History, she worked at her family’s construction business before returning to Stetson University College of Law to pursue a law degree. Deirdre graduated magna cum laude from Stetson University College of Law, was an editor on the Stetson Law Review, participated in the Honors Program, and received multiple book awards. She began her legal career at a large law firm where she counseled financial services clients on compliance with federal and state regulations, including RESPA, TILA, FDCPA, FCCPA, ECOA, HUD, and HOEPA and represented clients in all phases of commercial litigation with particular focus on financial services and real property litigation. During that time, Deirdre served as the chairperson of an associate-directed charitable organization aimed at raising money and encouraging attorneys and staff to volunteer for charitable and nonprofit organizations in the community. She is professionally proficient in Italian, having lived in Italy both during and after her time at college.

Deirdre is a dedicated mother, animal lover, avid runner and workout enthusiast, who is interested in all things artsy. Outside of the office, she loves to spend time with her son, run with her Golden Retriever, squeeze in workouts, and scatter traces of her latest art projects around her home.